Top reasons to invest in SAP migration tools: Their ability to integrate and simplify business processes that have become complex with the advent of SAP solutions. SAP migration is not only time-consuming but also expensive. There are tools that can save hours of your time in migrating data from one database to the other. Migrating database is not only difficult but also consumes a lot of resources on your company’s part.

SAP migration is the only option for businesses that have to deal with SAP ERP systems. The problems with improper data migration are not only time consuming but also costly. Skills in the different migration tools available are highly specialized and hence you won’t often find consultants with experience in all these tools on offer. Therefore, investing in a migration platform like Microsoft Business Portal can provide your company with the benefits of a cloud and hybrid data migration strategy that saves both time and money.

SAP migration tools are available for both on-premise and SaaS versions of the software. An on-premise SAP migration platform allows users to migrate data directly from an older version of SAP to a new in-house SAP hosted platform. SaaS migration solutions allow users to migrate data from their current or latest platform to a hosted SAP virtual environment via a web-based portal.

While on-premise migration solutions can provide a business owner and consultant the benefits of cloud and hybrid migration solutions, SaaS (Software as a Service) provided migration platform brings many more benefits to the table. One of the biggest benefits of SAP software as a service is the ability to customize the software in almost every way as per your requirements. Users can tailor the software to exactly meet the unique business needs and requirements. Users can get tailor the functionality, performance, scalability, security and user interface of the application to meet exact requirements of their organization.

Another major advantage of SAP migration is the ability to quickly adapt to any operating system without drastic changes. Business owners and consultants can migrate the ERP and the database running on it to a cloud-based ERP running on a different OS. Migration can also be done smoothly between various versions of ERP such as Oracle Enterprise Database and PeopleSoft ERP. With cloud-based ERP and other ERP migration products, you don’t need to change your physical infrastructure and can easily migrate your business in a cost-effective way.