They provide a variety of RPA consulting solutions at Cloud4C, spanning consultancy, deployment, even RPA as a Subscription. As a component of offering RPA discussion, they collaborate with business employees to do a preliminary RPA evaluation of your surroundings, established operations, and develop an automating strategy. In addition, we employ process discovery tools to figure out how things are now done and make recommendations for what should therefore be streamlined.

Cloud4C is a well-known RPA research company with a track record of developing and sustaining custom Workflow Automation technologies. Their RPA technologies and products are changing the transformation scene by incorporating Quantum Computing into the construction of clever RPA bots to pinpoint accuracy.

Major Point of view:

Choose their Cloud4C RPA Authentication service to see which activities are eligible for digitization and how much you can solve problems with their intelligent RPA solutions. This allows you to simplify jobs of any complexity and add understanding to Riot applications. Among other RPA services, Cloud4C offers consulting, deployment, and RPA as a Service. As part of the RPA consulting, they cooperate with your teams to do an initial RPA evaluation of your environment, current practices and develop a robotics plan. They use quality analysis techniques to figure out how things work presently and provide suggestions for how they could/should be improved.


  • Understand your company’s goals and develop a business processes strategy. Create a strategy that aligns with the company’s goals and looks for efficiency possibilities.
  • Analyze current processes to identify barriers and do a practicality check.
  • Create a point of view that will help you decide whether or not the Automation application is value purchasing.
  • Establish priorities and intended outcomes with enterprise customers, and assist in selecting usage scenarios or activities that may and thus should be computerized first, such that digital transformation can realize the rewards.
  • Find out about prospective RPA processes and make recommendations. Then, to get the greatest outcomes, find the suitable RPA platforms.


Selecting the suitable marking attendance to assist you in achieving your business development or smart manufacturing goals is the first step toward success. Based on their experience automating various procedures, here is why they’re the ideal team for any project. They research and select Automation Technology matches based on their proven outcomes, database knowledge, and more than 200 man-years of RPA experience. In addition, they follow all company processes to the letter and adhere to all legal requirements.