Local SEO is not just one service. Many different local SEO services can be applied to your website to help you rank higher in Google search results and generate more traffic for the business. This blog post will go over few different types of local SEO services.

The different types

  1. Google My Business Listing

It is the number one way to be found on Google. It’s also free and easy to do, but it can take a little more time than some paid services. A business needs to have an address and phone number for this service to work properly.

This information should match what you already provide with your website or other social media accounts that you may own. The most important part of any local SEO services campaign reviews from customers because they help future visitors determine whether or not they want to visit based on previous customer experiences at that location.

  1. Google Adwords

Adwords is a great way to get your business noticed on Google. You can opt for pay-per-click advertisements or go with the organic listings that show up in search results when someone does a specific search term. The ad campaign could get expensive if not monitored closely and frequently optimized by an expert local SEO company. They should be able to help determine how best to optimize your campaigns, so they are profitable.

  1. Google My Business Optimization

This is when you optimize your Google My Business listing to help it rank higher in search results for specific keywords. This may include adding more photos, business descriptions, and videos about the company so that potential customers know what they are getting before they even visit the website or make a purchase with your business. You should also provide citations on local directories like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Bing Places, etc.

  1. Local Citation & NAP

Citations are an important part of any local SEO campaign. Citations stand for business information, which should include the name, address, and phone number (NAP) of your location so that it matches what is provided on the Google My Business listing. This helps ensure you get found online by potential customers when they search for a product or service in your area.

  1. Business Website

A website is another important element of any local SEO campaign. A business should have a place on the web where they can house their business information, products, and services that you offer potential customers in addition to contact info like phone number, email address, or even an online chat option. This will help encourage visitors to make purchases with your company because there are more options for how they want to communicate, including live chat if available through your website, which is becoming increasingly popular as it provides convenience for both parties involved.

  1. Blog

Having a blog on your website is another way to drive traffic and attract potential customers. You can offer information about the industry, how-to guides for products or services you provide, etc. The more activity that happens with comments and shares of posts, the higher they will rank in search results which means people are finding what you’re writing about valuable enough to spend time reading it and then sharing it.

  1. Local Listing Ads

This type of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising shows up in search results for specific keywords. People can click on your ad, and you’ll be charged a fee for it if they don’t purchase anything from your company right away. Still, the good thing about this type of campaign is that you only pay when someone clicks to visit your website or calls your business directly through the provided phone number.