Versatility is one of the vital features that has made COM Express 10 so popular. It can be used as an independent board effectively. Additionally, com express 10 can also be used as an intermediate, plugged into the present carrier board to enhance the potential and performance and also lower the expenses. The high-end computers on modules are reliable and adaptable to demanding and harsh environments.

What is a COM?

The computer on modules is an embedded computer developed and designed on a single circuit board. It consists of a microprocessor, input/output controllers, RAM, and other features that make a functional computer designed on a single board. There is a difference between the COM Express 10 and single-board computers. In COM, there is a lack of standard connectors for input/output controllers, like single-board computers.

The COM Express 10 module must be attached to a baseboard or a carrier board. The modules can be operated with peripheral connectors or even without them. Furthermore, COM Express 10 offers a package that can be used in small and specialized applications with low power consumption or tiny physical size as required in an embedded system. COM is a highly integrated, compact, and complex control processing unit that includes multi-core technology.

Rugged applications of COM Express 10

Also referred to as system-on-module, SOM can be used in multiple industrial sectors. Because of the high-temperature resistance power, com express 10 can be utilized in rail and air transport applications. Furthermore, the modules can also be used in the military and aerospace sectors. The use in industrial capacity is also feasible because of the wide range of temperatures from -40oC to +85oC. Since COM Express 10 is well-built, robust, and temperature-resistant, it is one of the most popular choices.

Non-rugged applications of COM Express 10

One can also come across a wide array of non-rugged embedded computing applications of COM Express 10. They include:

  •   Digital signage
  •   Medical devices
  •   Data acquiring
  •   Industrial control
  •   Human Interface
  •   Machine Interface
  •   Point-of-sale

Thanks to the high-speed interfaces, COM Express 10 is significantly compatible with high bandwidth or high connectivity applications like video surveillance, data centres, multimedia, and communication applications. The COM Express 10 is designed with the intention of platforms, applications, and controllers with low-power-like intelligent batteries used in medical devices, transportation, and other outdoor applications.


Though com express 10 is a module with ultra-low power consumption and entry-level processing, it can support high-speed graphics and I/O count for mobile applications. It is a single physical module that can include multiple computing elements like RAM, flash memory, CPU, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, power management unit, Ethernet bus, etc. The presence of such components in a single unit of COM Express 10 makes it highly desirable for use in a wide range of applications. COM Express 10 also has the reputation for curtailing the engineering costs and other expenses associated with the development and infrastructure of CPU. When COM Express 10 is utilized, one can reap the benefits of a personalized engineering solution with the convenience of a ready-to-buy single board.