Have you ever heard the saying about businesses that don’t evolve failing? Change managers are there to prevent that from happening to your business.

A change manager is often overlooked in business. They are the ones who stabilise our ecosystems so that we have a constant and steady flow of work. They analyse our experiences and change things based on modern trends. With an accurate and effective overseer, businesses can last for generations. Indeed, some business manage to outlive us all with the right supervision.

Why we Need Change Managers?

The role of change manager represents a unique career opportunity for the business minded. Those with a love for technology and a passion for progress will thrive in this kind of position. It is a role that allows participants to power on through the future that they desire. It is a role filled with challenges that could make your career.

To businesses, we need change management so that we can predict, act upon, and record trends. All of the data that companies retrieve can come together to create a better picture of the customer persona. It can define what you sell and when. It can give you clues as to where to channel next quarter’s marketing materials. Without change managers, businesses stagnate and go under. You need these employees so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

What does a Change Manager do?

Change managers spend their days anticipating, researching, and proving where changes in your business might occur. They devise solutions for these changes that align with current market trends and customer motivations. They anticipate how the company might best respond to major shifts in the market. They also facilitate training courses that help unruly employees deal with changes that may be upsetting to them.

What Qualifications Does a Change Manager Need?

If you are interested in this type of position, you can browse Change Manager Jobs online to see which opportunities are available. If you’d like to retrain in this area of business, opt for the following skills:

  • Specific Change Management Courses are available and will help
  • Basic computing qualifications are necessary
  • An IT or communications background will help
  • Employers prefer experience
  • Stakeholder engagement skills
  • Expert knowledge of the products or services

Extra knowledge in software systems and business intelligence are optional.

How Much Does a Change Manager Make in a Year?

The average salary of a change manager in the UK is a little over £45,000 per year. The basic starting rate for the role is £31k, with bonuses ranging from £2k – £12k, depending on your level and skills. As with all roles involving tech and upskilling, the more strings in your bow, the better.

If you are in America, the average salary for a position in change management rises to $101,000. A significant jump which represents the growing demand for these employees on the other side of the pond. The starting salary for a change manager in the US is an impressive $63k.